How can I read my e-mail on my mobile phone?

You can setup your mobile device to send/receive your e-mails. If your device supports ActiveSync (refer to manual of your device) you can synchronize all your e-mails and Calendar appointments with your computer.

All Windows Mobile phones and iPhone 3G support ActiveSync. Please refer to your manual on how to setup your email using ActiveSync. If you would like to setup your Windows Mobile phone for reading POP3/IMAP e-mails then instructions can be found here.

iPhone first generation and many other phones with Internet access support POP3/IMAP e-mails. Please refer to your manual on setup procedures for your phone. Please read How to setup POP3 access? and How can I read my e-mail using POP3 on multiple computers? articles, which may help you setup your phone. iPhone and iPod touch Email account setup can be found on the Apple site.

For BlackBerry devices and how you can setup POP3/IMAP access, some help can be found here.