Comparing "Free" e-mail systems (GMail, HotMail, Yahoo Mail and etc.) with Business class E-mail systems

Feature "Free" email (HotMail, GMail, Yahoo Mail) Business email (Exchange based)
Send and receive e-mail messages. Yes Yes
Rich text with picture, photos, tables, charts and etc None or limited Full support of Rich Text Format (RTF) or HTML
Enhanced collaboration, scheduling with free/busy information, and online forms. No Yes
Support of POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail servers No Yes
Read e-mail anywhere Only through WEB based UI Read your e-mail anywhere, using your Outlook, Outlook Express or WEB based UI
Address Book and Contacts folder to store and retrieve e-mail addresses. Limited Corporate Address Book and Personal Contacts
Out of Office Assistant that automatically sends a reply to incoming messages while you are out of the office. No Yes
Fully integrated Calendar, including meeting and event scheduling, appointments, and group calendars No Yes
Reminders for e-mail messages, calendar events, tasks, and notes No Yes
Information Rights Management (IRM) functionality that allows you to control whether recipients can print, copy, or forward your e-mail messages No Yes
Integration with Windows SharePoint sites No Yes
Auto backup (archive) functionality to keep your mailbox manageable. Store old items that you want to keep but don't need immediate access to, and move those old items to the archive location automatically. No Yes
Microsoft Office Word as your e-mail editor to provide access to additional formatting and style options. No Yes
Categories for organizing your items. No Yes
Side-by-side calendars where you can view multiple calendars and drag items between the calendars. No Yes
Tasks folder to keep lists of personal or work-related errands that you want to track from start to finish. No Yes
Junk e-mail message filter Limited Yes, two levels: server based Spam filter and Client side Junk mail filter
Notes folder  the electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes. No Yes
Signatures and stationery. No Yes
Secure e-mail messaging. No Yes